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Flat Roof

Flashloc RM

Flashloc RM is a lightweight, durable, powder-coated cast aluminum attachment that provides fast and easy installation. Compatible with most roofing materials.

Steel, 10 degrees, bay

Pitched Roof

Tile Hook

SolarHooks Pro-series is a complete line of attachment solutions featuring POWERARCH TECHNOLOGY which increases strength by up to 60%. Available for Flat, Spanish, and W Tiles.

Steel, 10 degrees, bay

Tile Replacement

Flashkit TR is a complete tile replacement solution with patented weather seal that provides the ultimate protection against leaks. Available in 3 flashing colors to match your tile roofs.

Steel, 10 degrees, bay


Flashloc is the ultimate attachment for comp shingle and rolled comp roofs. The all-in-one mount installs fast — no kneeling on hot roofs, no prying or cutting shingles, no pulling nails.

Steel, 10 degrees, bay


Flashloc Duo is the most versatile Direct to Deck and Rafter attachment for comp shingle and rolled comp roofs.

Steel, 10 degrees, bay


Flashkit Pro is a complete attachment solution for comp shingle roofs. Featuring patented SHED & SEAL technology which provides the ultimate protection against roof leaks.

Steel, 10 degrees, bay


Conduit Mount

Conduit Mount is a multi-purpose component that can be quickly attached Direct to Deck using an included flashing and hardware or mounted to a Rail or L-foot using a T-bolt.

Steel, 10 degrees, bay


SoloBox is the only J-Box you need for comp shingle, roll comp, and rail-mounted applications. Features Flashloc Technology – no more notching shingles, tearing up nails, and damaging the roof.

Steel, 10 degrees, bay


SolarTray is a PV wire management solution featuring high-speed DROP & GO installation and providing ultimate protection from loose cables, failed inspections and service calls.

Steel, 10 degrees, bay

J-Box Mount

J-Box Mount attaches to Rail and L-Feet, no tools needed. Fasten the junction box to the J-BOX MOUNT, then press the mount into place.

Steel, 10 degrees, bay

MLPE Mount

MLPE Mount bonds and secures microinverters and power optimizers to module frames with a simple bonding pin.

Steel, 10 degrees, bay


Hit a home run with EcoTray. Solar PV wire management system for flat roofs – simplified.

Aluminum | Universal | Attachment


Sink your claws into the fiercest MLPE mount on the market. Easily secure and bound MLPE units to module flanges.

MLPE Mount | Module Frame | E-BOSS