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ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Unirac Inc. has announced two installer-friendly products that carry on its 20-plus-year history of innovation in solar mounting equipment, part of a raft of activity from North America’s leading manufacturer of photovoltaic mounting systems.
“We have a lot coming up for the rest of the year, but most immediately, we’re bringing our Flashloc™ sealing technology, with exceptional waterproofing and ease of installation, to several new applications,” said Ernest Gallegos, Director of Products at Unirac. “The first is a universal flat roof attachment that offers incredible installation speed and cost savings, and the second is a new junction box that will greatly simplify your time on the roof.”
Flashloc™ RM is set to upend the flat-roof attachment market. Requiring no membrane heat welding and a single SKU for most flat roofs, it promises installation speeds that meet or beat any of its competitors. What’s more, its price point makes it extremely attractive, Gallegos said. “When you throw in the strength of 6,600 lbs. of ultimate uplift offset, this product really becomes a no-brainer for the industry. This is a game-changer.”
Unirac’s new junction box solution is called SOLOBOX and is aimed at simplifying installations and reducing damage on roofs associated with prying shingles and nails.
“The versatility of SOLOBOX means a much better experience all the way around,” says Connor Morrison, Residential Product Manager. “We took the convenience of using the same box for composite shingle, rolled composite, or rail-mounted applications, added extra features and made it completely user-friendly.”
The ability to mount to rail using a simple tab gives contractors options when they can’t do attic runs. And when attic runs are possible, the SOLOBOX has room for two conduits with drill points on all four sides for maximum flexibility. The low profile of the SOLOBOX—just 3.5 inches tall—fits easily under panels where allowable, and the box contains mounting points for DIN rail or grounding blocks. A pre-installed DIN rail is also available.
“Best of all, a single captured screw and a hinge top make finishing a snap,” Morrison said. “You can get at the wiring quickly and easily. We know time is crucial for efficiency, and this is designed to meet that need from start to finish.”
As with all of Unirac’s products, SOLOBOX includes a 25-year warranty. It features a NEMA 3R rating, a UL1741 certification, and the same tested and trusted technology as in Unirac’s FLASHLOC™ COMP kit.
“The time and complexity of each aspect of a system add up, so streamlining this key part of the process with SOLOBOX is a great way for Unirac to add value,” Morrison said.
SOLOBOX is available for order now. Visit www.unirac.com for more information.
Gallegos added that this year will bring other major product and service announcements from Unirac.
“This is going to be a significant year for Unirac,” Gallegos explained. “We just added ground screws to our lineup, which extends the variety of groundmount sites open to designers, we’ve incorporated groundmount into our online U-Builder design tool, and our Flashloc™ mount for pitched roofs has been a huge hit.
“That said, there’s a lot more ahead. We’re going to have a lot of fireworks this summer and fall. We have a steady stream of new products in the pipeline and several big surprises coming. We’re thinking of it as a ‘summer of innovation.’”
Peter Lorenz, CEO, said this all adds up to proof of Unirac’s commitment to its customers.
“We say ‘Better Solar Starts Here,’ and that’s in large part because of our product development and innovation,” Lorenz said. “We know it has been hard this year for many of our customers, and we’re proud of what we’ve been able to do for them to keep adding value. Unirac is here for you.”

UNIRAC is a leading provider of PV installation products and services that enable residential, commercial and light utility solar installation. With more than 20 years of experience serving global solar markets, UNIRAC products have been installed more than 750,000 times and are helping to provide more than 5 gigawatts of clean, sustainable energy.  Proudly headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, UNIRAC offers products that are installed by leading solar contractors worldwide. For more information, visit www.unirac.com, follow @Unirac on Twitter or @UniracSolar on Instagram, or connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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